... kick, pass, shoot, touch, control with both feet!
... Be ambipedal !!

Play ... kick, pass, shoot, touch, control with both feet!

... Be ambipedal !!

We have a REINED BALL™

Patent Pending.


WITH BOTH FEET - Become ambipedal!

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To improve your

 ball Juggling skills

Use both feet, become ambipedal

 Corner Kick - Left Foot

Ambikix - Left Foot Corner Kick
Take corner kicks, from the right side, with your left foot if you want them to curve into the goal.  Bend it in!
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Corner Kick - Right Foot

Corner Kick with right foot
Take corner kicks from the left side with your right foot, bend it in

Use both feet, become ambipedal

Ambikix, ambipedal, use both feet, two-footed
Ambikix will help you become ambipedal.   Use both feet to warm up, at practice and every time you control, touch, kick, pass and shoot during the  game / match.
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