... kick, pass, shoot, touch, control with both feet!
... Be ambipedal !!

About Us

Ambikix, ambipedal, two-footed, use both feet

We want you to use both feet.

We want you to use your feet in every play, every game, every practice, every warm up.

We can help you get hundreds of BALL touches, with both feet, in just minutes.

You can do this indoors or outdoors in total control.

About Us

 AmbiKix is committed to helping young and old improve and become ambipedal, two-footed. 

AmbiKix can help you warm up, getting hundreds of touches on the ball.

Ambikix can help you get soccer training.

Ambikix can help you stay in shape.

Ambikix can be done indoor and outdoor.

Ambikix, ambipedal, two-footed
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